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Timer for Mac (Version 9.0.2)Ready for macOS High Sierra
The most complete and professional stopwatch, alarm clock and timer for Mac.

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iDatabase for Mac (Version 4.5)Ready for macOS High Sierra
The intuitive personal database manager for Mac.

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Secret Folder for Mac (Version 9.1)Ready for macOS High Sierra
Conceals files and folders, a fast way to protect personal documents.

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Clean Text for Mac (Version 7.5)Ready for macOS High Sierra
The popular Mac app to remove formatting attributes and fix text.

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Clean Text Menu for Mac (Version 2.7)Ready for macOS High Sierra
The small version of Clean Text always available as an icon on the menu bar.

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iNotepad for Mac (Version 3.7)Ready for macOS High Sierra
Organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand.

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Download apps for iPhone and iPad

iDatabase for iPhone
The intuitive personal database manager for iPhone.
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Clean Text for iPhone and iPad
Reduces text cleanup time.
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Self Timer for iPhone and iPad
Delay the release of 20 photos, up to a minute.
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