Clean Text for iOS

An essential tool for iPad and iPhone writers.

Clean Text for iOS is an essential tool for web masters, graphic designers, developers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup time. Clean Text performs automatically many indispensable functions such as removing empty lines and unwanted spaces, converting tab characters and quotation marks.

Experience the pleasure of live search

Replace text with pinpoint precision.

While you type in the search field all occurrences within the text will be highlighted to give you a complete picture, then with Next and Previous buttons, you can gradually select instances to edit or change them. Even the Find and Replace capabilities in Clean Text have something extra: the options Match Case and Whole Word, act immediately on the highlighted text and will allow you to do the replacements with millimetre accuracy.

See the same text on any device

Switch easily from one device to another, or a Mac.

When you are working on a text and you want to switch from one device to a Mac with Clean Text Menu for Mac installed, or another iOS device, you don’t have to worry about anything, thanks to iCloud, you will find in the others devices or Macs, exactly the text that you have just wrote.

Many reasons to use Clean Text

Simple to use but powerful in functionality.

  • Smart Clean and Clean and Compact text.
  • Clean Clipboard content without the need to paste it in the app.
  • Fix line breaks.
  • Fix spaces.
  • Remove empty lines.
  • Join paragraphs.
  • Replace tabs with spaces and replace spaces with tabs.
  • Replace one return with two returns and vice versa.
  • Remove and add email quote prefix.
  • Convert quotation marks: curved quotes, straight quotes, angle quotes and Chinese quotes.
  • Convert from single to double and from double to single quotes.
  • Change case to sentence case, title case, uppercase, lovercase and random case.
  • Increase and decrease text indent.
  • Sort lines ascending and descending.
  • Convert from three periods to ellipsis and from ellipsis to three periods.
  • ROT13 encode (replaces a letter with the letter 13 letters after it in the alphabet).
  • Reverse text.
  • Convert HTML to plain text.
  • URL percent encoding.
  • Convert emoji and symbols to their description.
  • Convert to upside down and to mirrored pseudo text.
  • Find and Replace with live highlighting of matches.
  • Regular Expression search and substitution with live highlighting of matches and main patterns convenient buttons.