Time Tracking for Mac

Time Tracking for Mac tracks your work time and helps you take the right breaks.

To work better and be productive it is necessary to know how to take breaks, we know this well. For this reason we have created Time Tracking for Mac. Time Tracking for Mac is the Mac app that tracks your work time and helps you take the right breaks. No other app is like this. Try it for a week and you’ll see how you feel better at the end of the day.

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Why use an app to manage work time?

When we are working or we are dedicating ourselves to studying or other important activities, after a certain period of time, we lose concentration and start not being as productive as at the beginning, in essence it takes longer to obtain the same result. For this reason, everyone agrees that it is necessary to take breaks to resume the mental freshness that we had at the beginning. Surely you can try to impose breaks without using any tool but the problem with this approach is that often you run the risk of noticing too late that it is time to disconnect or it happens that you take a break, but this becomes longer than expected, making you lose productivity.

Why didn’t you create an app based on Pomodoro Technique?

A few years ago an Italian researcher, Francesco Cirillo, developed a technique (the Pomodoro Technique) that tried to solve concentration problems during work by dividing the time into sessions (usually 25 minutes) followed by short breaks that helped the mind to stay fresh and focused. Certainly this technique has helped in the past years many people to be more productive but it was developed in the late 80s (when there was the Commodore VIC-20, the Sinclair ZX80 and Tim Berners-Lee at the CERN physics laboratory was creating the World Wide Web). So perhaps it is more suitable for use for analog tasks (for example studying on a physical book) rather than today’s digital tasks. It is no coincidence that it is recommended to use a real clock timer instead of a digital one. We think that a rigid approach to manage working time may not be the best anymore for modern work tasks.

Why is Time Tracker for Mac better?

After studying, with an approach derived from ethnography, the habits of contemporary Mac users, at Apimac we have created an app to manage working times more suitable for an interconnected digital world like the current one. We called it Time Tracking. With Time Tracking, we believe we have created the perfect tool for modern work environments. Today’s way of work requires concentration but also flexibility to carry out the various tasks in the most productive way possible. And this is exactly what Time Tracking for Mac was made for. Download the demo and try now the new way to manage working time on the Mac!

Let’s see what are the differences between some of the main Mac apps that follow the Pomodoro Technique and Time Tracking for Mac.

This comparison table compares some problematic features found in some apps based on the Pomodoro Technique and Time Tracking. Not all apps are the same, therefore, to check the implementation of the individual features, check the dedicated pages of each app, or download the demos where available. A list of apps based on the Pomodoro Technique and the link to the dedicated pages is available below.

 Pomodoro-based appTime Tracking for Mac
Duration of work sessions25 minutesChoose from 1 minute to 180 minutes
Because every modern project requires different times
Clarity of the interfaceA single timer to show both work times and break timesTwo different dedicated timers: one for work and one for breaks
Because in a complicated digital environment like the modern one, you must always understand at a glance which session you are in
Flexibility in recorded working timeFixed amount of work, what the app has recorded does not changeYou can change the total working time recorded by the app whenever you want
Because the time recorded by the app on the screen is not always the correct one, for example with a few clicks you can add the 10 minutes of a business call you made while you were on break
Ticking soundTickingNo sound distraction when working
Because there are already enough distractions in modern environments
Notification soundsSame sound to notify the end of different sessionsComplete customization of sounds at the beginning of work and break sessions or simple notification without sounds
Because noise is not always the best solution for everything
Changing sessionsYou have to wait for each session to finish completelySwitch with a simple click from one session to another
Because nowadays you don't always need to complete the whole session to feel that you need a break or are ready to resume work
Timer, sessions and sound customizationIn Preferences' tabsDirectly in the main screen
Because when you work you do not have time to go rambling around
Start of a new sessionAt each end of the session, user action is required to start the next sessionSessions can start automatically
Because in modern environments, automation is sometimes the most suitable strategy
Understanding of how long you've workedCount the work sessions dotsJust look at the total worked time box that it shows you the hours and minutes of work
Because in many cases you quickly need to know exactly how much time you have spent on a project

Now in alpha version!
Soon will be available the Beta version so you can download it before the official release and you
help us to make Time Tracking the best app for managing work times on the Mac.

Soon available!