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iDatabase for Mac IconiDatabase for Mac (Version 3.11) Ready for OS X El Capitan
The most intuitive personal database manager for Mac.

Secret Folder for Mac (Version 9.0) Ready for OS X El Capitan
Conceals files and folders, a fast way to protect personal documents.


iNotepad for Mac (Version 2.8) Ready for OS X El Capitan
Organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand.

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Timer for Mac (Version 8.0.2) Ready for OS X El Capitan
The most complete and professional stopwatch, alarm clock and timer for Mac.


Strip HTML for Mac (Version 2.2) Note for Yosemite Users
Extracts text from any HTML file or webpage in the blink of an eye.

Clean Text for Mac (Version 6.8.1)Ready for OS X El Capitan
Removes formatting attributes and fixes text.


Protect Files for Mac (Version 2.1.2)Ready for OS X El Capitan
Protects files and folders with password encryption.


Compress Files for Mac (Version 5.0)Note for Yosemite Users
Compresses, archives, encrypts files and omit Mac-specific invisible files.


Speedy for Mac (Version 4.0.4)Ready for OS X El Capitan
The power bar for your Mac.

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Encrypt Email for Mac (Version 2.0)Note for Yosemite Users
Easy-to-use client for sending encrypted emails and encrypted attachments.


Slideshow for Mac (Version 9.7.2)Note for OS X Mavericks and Yosemite Users
Creates slideshow presentations and portfolios for Mac and Windows.


Are you looking for for an old version?
If your Mac is not the most recent, or you prefer to use an old version, we have a list of available applications. Note that these versions may have bugs that have been fixed in newer versions and that for this reason, we can not always help you in case of problems.

Old Versions Page

Apps for iPhone and iPad

Self Timer for iPhone and iPad 
Delay the shutter release!
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iDatabase for iPhone
The most intuitive personal database manager for iPhone.
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Mac Best Seller

Speedy for Mac: easy from the first launch. Irreplaceable from the second. The power to quickly launch everything you need everyday.

Things To Do for iPhone

iOS Best Seller

Self Timer: take up to 20 pictures in sequence, delay the shoot of the photos to up to 60 seconds, use the fun mode to catch the attention!

Self Timer for iPhone

Mac security

Mac security and data protection are important. Make sure you select the right application for the data you wish to protect.

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