Apimac releases Memos 3.0 for iPhone and iPod touch

Memo per iPhone

Apimac is pleased to announce Memos 3.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. The new Memos is the perfect app to quickly jot down notes. You can print them, publish them on Twitter or email them to colleagues, family or friends. The archive function allows you to store notes that you want to keep.

Memos transports you into a world where ideas take shape and follow the touch of your fingers to organize themselves just as you imagine them in your mind. The app incorporates professional photography and graphics to create a gallery of images so that users can easily express a range of ideas. Another cool option allows you to change the wallpapers of the iPhone with a shake, which will really amaze your friends.

Self Timer for iPhone is the Apimac best seller in Italy

Thanks to the large amount of downloads in the last few weeks, Self Timer for iPhone has become a real best seller for Apimac in Italy, becoming one of the company’s most sold Apps for iOS.

Self Timer is a photography application which allows the taking of photographs, also sequenced ones, without the need to click a button, as the iPhone will only need to be positioned and after a certain number of seconds, programmable by the user, the photo is automatically taken. The program emits beeps which will increase in speed when the photo is about to be taken. It is useful both to photograph happy moments, and finally be present in your photos, and to avoid moved images due to accidental contacts with the device.

Finally reaches the App Store the legendary Apimac English-Italian Compact Dictionary version 2.0.

Finally reaches the App Store the legendary Apimac English-Italian Compact Dictionary version 2.0. The most used English/Italian Compact Dictionary on Mac, now available also for iPhone.
From one of the top award-winning software developers for the Mac comes another iPhone application that offers an exceptional user experience: Apimac English-Italian Compact Dictionary for iPhone.

Clean Text 6.5 now available on the Mac App Store

Apimac today announces Clean Text 6.5, now available on the Mac App Store. Clean Text is the popular Mac tool for eliminating all text formatting issues. Clean Text performs many useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing unwanted spaces, removing tab characters, converting smart quotes, tabs, returns, and more. More Info | Mac App…

Apimac iDatabase now available on the Mac App Store

Apimac has announced iDatabase is also available on the new Apple Mac App Store. Designed to permit wireless, bi-directional syncing between Mac computers and iOS mobile devices like iPhone and iPod touch, iDatabase is a complete personal database management solution. Ideal for tracking membership lists, expenses, projects, Internet accounts, etc., the app includes 16 ready…