We respect and take care to maintain your privacy.

We believe that you have a right to complete privacy when using our app or visiting our site.

Usage Analytics
We cannot track an individual user’s behavior. We also cannot receive information from your device’s displays, cameras, or microphones. All our apps avoid collecting any data and do not send out any private information.

Crash Logs
If one of our apps crashes while you are using it, data about the crash could be collected and sent to us to help identify the cause of the crash so that we can try to fix it in a future update. A crash log contains information about the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash. Nothing in the crash log can be used to personally identify you, and crash logs do not contain any personal data.

Update Checking
By default, our Mac apps periodically check to see if a newer version of the app is available, so that you can be given the choice to update if you want to. For apps acquired from the App Store or Mac App Store, update checking behavior is controlled by the operating system.

Questions and Feedback
If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us using the Support Page.