Data protection on Mac

A page to help you to choose the right solution.

The operating system of the Mac is designed with advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt, update and keep your Mac safer. For example, built-in FileVault, makes your data safe and secure. FileVault encrypts the entire drive on your Mac, protecting your data with XTS-AES 128 encryption. It can also encrypt any removable drive, helping you secure Time Machine backups or other external drives with ease. FileVault is available for free in your macOS Sierra (you can find more info about built-in Mac Security technology in this page of the Apple site). But if you want a dedicated solution for one of the following problems:

  • Hide individual files and folders from the prying eyes of other people using your Mac.
  • Protect particular files and folders you use for work by placing them in an encrypted and password-protected space.
  • Use encryption to protect files to store or share with other users.
  • Send email messages and attachments encrypted with a password.

Then you can use one of the commercial third-party Apimac apps listed here. Mac security and data protection are important, make sure to choose the right solution for the data you wish to hide or protect.


Hide files and folders from the prying eyes of other people using your Mac
This is the most simple and straightforward method. Secret Folder for Mac is an application allowing you to build a list of file folders, which you may turn visible or invisible with a simple click. In addition, the application launch can be password-protected. This protection system is based on the principle that no person will attempt to open a file he/she cannot see or knows about and no encryption is used.

InfoSecret Folder for Mac constitutes the perfect solution if you wish to prevent occasional users of your Mac to view, open, or change files or documents while browsing the contents of your hard drive but it don’t makes your data safe or secure.

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Protect files and folders you use regularly by placing them in an encrypted and password-protected space
This is the safest way to protect your information. It protects your information from occasional users of your Mac as well as from hackers, who may attempt a malicious access to your data. Protect Files for Mac creates protected spaces that can be stored in your Hard Disk or an USB stick. A password is required to access the data. The maximum size of a space created by Protect Files is 99 GB and you can create as many spaces you want. This solution uses the disk image with AES-encryption technology provided by the macOS. This technology is one of the security mechanisms adopted by many governments for data protection purposes.

InfoProtect Files for Mac constitutes the perfect solution should you need to password-encrypt your documents and files to prevent any bona fide or malicious use by others.

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Use encryption to protect files to archive or share
Compress a file or group of files in a folder into a format that supports password-protected encryption: .dmg or .7z. Once files are compressed, Compress Files for Mac can automatically archive them in a specific location on your hard drive, or attach them to an email message for delivery to the final recipient.

InfoCompress Files for Mac constitutes the ideal solution for those wishing to compress and encrypt sensitive files to send them via email or archive them securely on their hard disks or external media.

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Send encrypted email messages and attachments
Today we increasingly rely on email for corresponding with friends, colleagues, and clients. Large amounts of sensitive data and confidential information are regularly transferred over the Internet. This has led to a pervasive need for email privacy. Now more than ever, encryption becomes the only solution to protect email correspondence from prying eyes. Encrypt Email for Mac is currently the best, top ease-of-use application in that area. To send a message, simply double-click on a person in the contact list and a new message window will appear, already addressed and ready to accept your text as well as any attachments you wish to send along.

InfoEncrypt Email for Mac constitutes the ideal solution for sending secure mail of personal and business nature. Mac recipients will receive a password-protected DMG file while Windows and Linux users will receive a password-protected 7Zip file. The user should communicate privately the password to the intended recipients to allow them reading the message text and any attachments thereto.

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Note: these tools are aimed to users preferring a dedicated solution to guide them step by step to create and use encrypted spaces or just to hide files in the Finder, expert users might prefer to use macOS built-in technologies to get the same results. Also, the solutions listed on this page are produced by Apimac, of course there are many other good tools products from other software companies.